Innovative education of Roma Inclusion Mediators

Undoubtedly, there is a progress in the four key areas of Roma inclusion - education, housing, employment and health. Compared to the ambitious goals of the EU framework, however, these are rather marginal. In this respect, the shortcomings identified in the latest resolution of the European Commission are fully in line with our own experience, which we have gained in the practical implementation of projects for the benefit of the Roma communities.

In the new Strategic Framework of the EU for the Roma, a row of objectives is determined.

Until 2030, it is envisaged to achieve a real equality, the socio-economic inclusion, and the reasonable participation of Roma (Factsheet of the European Commission, October 2020).

RESUME intents to contribute concretely to this and aims therefore at:

  • Improving the Roma’s access to education and lifelong learning;
  • Avoiding drop-outs from educational measures;
  • Promoting equal quality of education offers for all learners;
  • Improving the learnings success of Roma and
  • Visualising the damages done by discrimination and segregation in education
By the achievement of the following results:
  1. Curriculum and training material for the education of Roma Inclusion Mediators.
  2. Online-Toolkit for Roma Inclusion Mediators supporting their practical work.
  3. Illustrated Romanes fibula for children and adults.
  4. Material for a training of trainers.
  5. Material for the intercultural training of education staff.
  6. Training of 16 staff members of the partner organisations (partly Roma themselves) as trainers for the education of Roma Inclusion Mediators.
  7. Education of 48 Roma Inclusion Mediators.
  8. Intercultural trainings for 80 kindergarten and school teachers, adult educators, and vocational trainers.
  9. Use of the newly acquired knowledge and skills by the Roma Inclusion Mediators in the frame of need-based and appropriate mediation activities.
  10. Dissemination and exploitation of the project results.
The Roma Inclusion Mediator

“A Roma Inclusion Mediator is a Roma knowing the real needs and having the trust of the Roma community. He/she mediates between the target group and relevant stakeholders aiming at the full inclusion of Roma in all fields of education.” More information can be found on Facebook.


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