Another ENTRance
Identification of best practise of social entrepreneurship of Roma

„…They steel like ravens, are afraid of hard work and peoples of restless nomads…“ – if it comes to „gypsies“, we are quick with prejudices. However, it is even harder that they can be mobilised at any time which is proven by regular riots and by their actual living conditions in a sad way …

Therefore, „Another ENTRance“ aimed at:
  • analysing the actual situation in the field of social entrepreneurship by targeted researches, surveys and interviews in the partner countries,
  • identifying good practise examples with a potential of European transfer,
  • investigating the most urgent needs of action that can be covered with available resources on the spot and by targeted activities in the frame of European projects together with Roma and Roma organsiations, experts and stakeholders and
  • developing concepts for those projects.
In the long run, those projects will contribute to,
  • enabling Roma to build up a social enterprise and establish it on the market
  • minimise the risk of failure of social enterprises of Roma
  • improving their access to measures of adult education
  • raising their self-confidence and their self-esteem
  • improving their social and civic participation
  • raising their interest in lifelong learning
  • increasing their employability and
  • reducing their poverty risk.


The project was realised by partner organisations from Germany, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Romania and Hungary in the duration September 2019 – December 2020.
More Informations can be found here.


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