Coming of Age Innovative climate protection through targeted adult education and
the implementation of Power Saving Checks in low-income households and public buildings

Year by year, mankind is releasing more greenhouse gases. In the long run they are warming our planet, they let glaciers melt, raise the sea level and make oceans sour. Though, the scaring is not the lack of knowledge but the lack of action.

Energy consumption of private households and public buildings is equally high to that of the industry and traffic. Therefore, there is a great potential to save energy only by altering the behavior of households and other consumer groups.

However, the growing demand for the energy and the finiteness of the fossil fuels will inevitably drive energy prices in enormous heights. Especially the low-income households will be affected and will not be able to match the rising prices with reduction of their energy consumption, due to the lack of information and their disability to invest into the new energy-saving devices. Immense potential to save energy goes thus unused.

On one hand, the project helps to achieve the climate protection aims of the partner countries and the EU. On the other hand, the social aspect offers help for low-income households and supports the re-integration of long-term unemployed persons into the labor market.

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